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Hello, I'm Simon

I’m Simon, and I’m an award-winning freelance web & graphic designer and SEO developer. I am also a teacher of Computer Science. A highly-skilled and seasoned developer with over 12 years industry experience, I have a proven track record of producing quality work to deadlines. With a solid portfolio, I specialise in both creative design and technical development. I am proud to demonstrate my background and with a commitment to dependable communication and collaboration, I’m easy to work with and above all, friendly.

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Hi there, I'm Richard

I’m a former journalist and I’ve been working in the PR and Marketing business since 2001 and run my own digital marketing agency, RFS Marketing. I provide Hello Simon with seasoned development strategies and digital product development. With a solid background in content marketing and social media management, I lend my skills to the team to provide our clients with the content they need. 

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Greetings. I'm Katie.

I am a proud workaholic and I love nothing more than getting stuck into a new WordPress or Shopify build. Having run my own agency, Kreativity Marketing, for three years, I get ultimate satisfaction out of helping our clients to boost their online presence and achieve massive growth through exceptional website design, social media management, content marketing, branding and more. I collaborate with Hello Simon on a range of projects, working with businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries across the UK.

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Hey. I'm Rich.

One of my primary school teachers once told my parents that I never put my pencil down. Rumour has it I was clutching one when I was born. I’d probably dispute that rumour but as far back as I can remember, writing has been essential to me. If I wasn’t writing then I was reading. It’s a love affair that never ended, and now I write words to benefit my clients. My agency Crosshairs Marketing creates content that converts and turns your blog into a growth engine that brings in more visitors, turns them into customers, and benefits your bottom line.

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Hello, I'm Neil

I am a professional IT & Telecoms manager for businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK.  I run my own business Com Tec Ltd, and I have been keeping data secure, managing technology and keeping it all connected for close to 30 years. I work closely with Simon and his team to provide a wide technical level of support to ensure that everything works.
hello simon web design sean elliott

Hiya. I'm Sean

Creating video content is more than just a job for me, it’s my life. I have always wanted to have a business that helped other businesses grow and land more clients and I do that via White Lane Media Productions. Creating video content has helped me achieve this and I’m excited to see how far I can take the business. There are two sides to the business, firstly, helping businesses grow and land more clients, secondly, storytelling. One day I may be creating a company branding video for a plumbing and heating company, the next, working on a dance community project video. Whatever the subject maybe I just get a kick creating something special for my clients. 

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Trusted by The Royal Navy

We were approached by Lt Cdr George Blakeman, the then Area Recruitment Officer for the South West; he was looking to update the Naval Service Recruitment Test (NSRT) to make it more accessible for potential recruits. The initial idea was to allow those thinking of joining the Royal Navy or Royal Marines to practise the NSRT which would ultimately increase their chances of success during the actual test. 

Previously, candidates were issued a booklet of sample questions which needed to be updated and brought into the 21st century. 

The web app went live on MOD servers in December 2017 and in the initial three months of its use, it increased success rate of the actual NSRT by over 30% – this is a huge achievement in itself. The additional stats of where this web-app currently stand speak volumes;

A year of development
1200 monthly users (av)
Used globally on an almost daily basis*
10,000 lines of code

*2020 has seen visitors from Great Britain, the US, Belgium, New Zealand, Nigeria, Dominica, Sweden, Australia and Hong Kong, as well as Europe.

There are now two versions of this NSRT web app – one of which still resides on MOD servers and has been updated to be more in-keeping with the RN’s overall online theme, and the other is the original & final version that now operates as a stand-alone web-app that is used daily by many thousands of monthly users throughout the world.

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Award Winning Design

My team and I were awarded with a prestigious accolade in recognition of our services to the digital world of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths.

We were presented with the Digital Excellence Award at the Big Bang South West STEM Fair at Westpoint Arena in Exeter.

Our students have shown some serious resilience and commitment to both their studies and to the production of this app. The experiences and skills that the group are gaining from real-world scenarios such as this cannot be learned in the classroom alone. This again demonstrates our solid reputation for providing young STEM ambassadors within the City of Plymouth and I am proud to be part of their journey.

Guest Blogs

We feel privileged to have been invited to produce guest blogs for two national educational organisations. We have shared my journey through the education arena with our readers at many levels; from producing software for the Royal Navy to using Lego in teaching Computer Science. 

Simon was invited to write Guest Blogs for the Times Educational Supplement and more recently, ResourcEd at Promethean World; both nationally recognised educational institutions in themselves.  

Simon is a teacher of computer science, as well as a freelance developer, and he is proud to be able to share the successes of both himself and his students through the articles on these pages.

Award winning design.