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Teacher, techie, daddy, nerd. Often all at the same time. Teacher of Computer Science at @utcplymouth and #dev for various individuals.

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Redundancies, Babies and Absurdities

Redundancies, Babies and Absurdities

Published on 11th May 2017 by Simon

It's been a tumultuous week. It's OK though because when you've got support from both your wife and some wonderful friends, it makes everything much better. The picture above is literally all I've been looking at over the last few days; accompanied by some excellent music and the occasional glass of wine, I've been coding the new PrplPi website and I can quite honestly say that it's been hard work. But you know the feeling that it's going to be 'sure as bloody 'ell worth it guv'nor'? I've got the feeling here. I had a job interview this week (this is the redundancy bit) and when I was being shown around the place, I just didn't catch that vibe that you get when you can see yourself working there. Nothing. So it's OK.

Alongside assessing stacks of Computer Science work in a variety of languages (Python, Javascript, HTML & CSS) it's hardly surprising that I manage to keep a straight face. I'll look back and read this with either a smile on my face, or a lengthy custodial sentence ahead of me. Either way, I'm going to see Iron Maiden in Birmingham on the 21st. I've been a fan of this lot since I was an overweight child. Now, as an overweight adult, I can honestly say that I have ticked off one of my bucket lists.

Every now and again the wife grabs my hand and plops it on her ever-growing tummy; "It's a boy, Mrs. Walker, it's a boy" (to quote one of my favourite rock-operas) and I can quite honestly say that I'm excited. One of my students summed the rest of my life up for me recently. Josh this lad's name is - he said "Sir, your son is going to be a better gamer, a better drinker and a better coder than you. He's basically going to be Pykettv2". The sad thing is, is that he's right. You'd better pass your GCSE with a C or above Josh. Or I'm going to get you! Pykett out.