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I'm a Nerd

But not your typical nerd...

I embraced technology from a very early age and have adapted to innovation and progress. The impact of the revolution of the Internet and the growing use of the smart phone that we have seen in recent years, was something that I familiarised myself with. As the changes took place, I used this knowledge to my students' advantage and to enhance my own social and professional awareness.

I've also been interested in Lego and RC Trucks since I was a child. I have amassed quite a collection of Lego minifigures and vehicles over the years and a majority of them take pride of place on a shelf in my home (not for playing with!) Some of the more rarer minifigures are also part of the collection. The ones in the image above for example, whilst are not sold as a full set are difficult to get hold of as a set. Velma on her own for example, can command quite a high price on Ebay (and this is where I get an idea of their actual value) and at the time of writing, costs around £45. The whole set of Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred can reach anywhere between £80 - £100.

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The 'set' above also represents in interesting insight into how collectible Lego can be. Each individual minifigure originates from it's own series and was never actually intended to be collectible set on it's own. However, as time has moved on from the earlier series 3 when the Gorilla Suit Guy first appeared, this set has grown well, right up to the two most recent additions; Penguin Boy and Butterfly Girl. Again, by using Ebay as a vague guide, these minifigures as individual pieces can command a high price and you will occasionally find them all as a complete set for upwards of £200 - £300. I have listed the individual pieces below;

Alternative Opinions

Various forums around the Internet seem unable to completely agree on which minifigures actually belong to this 'set' and Lego themselves won't officially comment as they are not intended to be a set, as such. Some users on this Reddit forum seem to have their own opinion on which characters belong to the set. Minifigures such as Plant Monster who come from the same set as Tiger Girl (Series 14) don't seem to fit into the rest of the vibe as the rest. First and foremost, Plant Monster is not an animal. Even though he is in a disguise. It is of my personal opinion that he doesn't and I don't actually own him anyway, so he won't be frequenting my toy shelf any time soon.

There are several other minifigures that comprise a 'suit' or disguise but it's really down to what your own opinion is. From what the Internet says, this animal suit set seems to be pretty much it in terms of what is. I would be interested to hear what you think needs to be added (or taken away) from this set, so get in touch if you would like to.

1st January 2018

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Teacher, techie, daddy, nerd. Often all at the same time. Teacher of Computer Science at @utcplymouth and #dev for various individuals.

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