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harry pottering and magic wandering

Harry Pottering and Magic Wandering

Published on 15th May 2017 by Simon

Our daughter Una is three in July and due to circumstances between myself and the wife, we have not had even a night away from 'responsibility' since she arrived in 2014. This in itself isn't a bad thing as being a dad (as many of you probably know) is awesome. However, this was particularly special as we had tickets to the fab Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden. After a three hour drive to a beautiful hotel, surrounded by golf courses and open country side, we planned the rest of our weekend.

You're probably thinking why I'm telling you this. Well let me tell you. There's a degree of irony in this as I'm not a Harry Potter fan, and I've never actually seen any of the films from beginning to end. The wife claims to be a huge fan but when we finally arrived in Leavesden, I quizzed her on her knowledge (she could have been feeding me rubbish with regards to her responses for all I know, I would have done!) and she did really badly! We ended up asking complete strangers - they did very well!

I enjoyed the Potter thing, I did. Not being the biggest HP fan didn't really make a difference. The best part of the day for me though, was going to see Ridley Scott's epic second prequel - Alien Covenant. The story line lead on from Prometheus (if you've seen it) was spot on and made so much sense - if you know the story line, you'll have a good idea - Scott has also already made plans for another - Alien Awakening, which I'm very excited about. More-so than Harry Potter anyway! Pykett out.