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Throughout my teaching career, I have developed a wide range of resources to support myself or my school (I never download anything) and as a result have a huge bank of content that I frequently share online via the TES site, some of which are free and some of which are premium.

I have decided to share some of these resources here for you to use in your classroom and for your to share how and where you like. If you do share it, please credit me, I've spent a great deal of time developing and refining this content and whilst it is being offered here for free, I do like a little nod my way.

This is a brand new site and whilst there are only a few resources here, there will be more in the near future. You also might like to know that one or two of these resources are premium via TES.

You're welcome :)

help yourself

channel 4 countdown

Countdown Clock (PPT)

Made entirely from shapes in Powerpoint and including the original music, it uses the 30 second timer that can be used anywhere in school. It has been fully tested on both Mac & Pc (but not on Keynote).

j276 computer science

J276 Student Handbook

19 pages, it has been developed with student learning in mind. It contains every aspect of learning that the learners need to pass the two exams. It contains the title of each topic coupled with a breakdown of each.

BTEC literacy mat

Literacy Mat

I teach a great deal of BTEC and use this frequently in my classes. During a recent outstanding observation, the use of my literacy mat was picked up by the Principle where a student used it to define the word 'evaluate' during an assignment writing session. DOWNLOAD

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