Una and Bethany Pykett


Bethany & Una

I've got three children in all - Bethany, Una and Rufus. Bethany lives in Portsmouth with her mother Laura and brother David - she's a beautiful and intelligent young lady who has spent a great deal of time at college studying mostly beauty (hair, makeup etc) and she specialises in theatrical makeup. She's a creative little soul and very talented at what she does. I hope that she gets the break that she deserves, however it will probably mean moving way out of Portsmouth, London perhaps. There isn't much call for a theatrical makeup specialist in Pompey as theatrical performing arts are limited in availability. She will get her break though.

Una is my youngest daughter and has recently started at reception school. She's also intelligent and knows exactly what she wants to do and when she wants to do it. Despite being so young, she is able achieve much more than she actually realises and although this is a little frightening at times, it's possible to see her spark and desire to achieve. She never gives up and it is this that I love about her. She is articulate and polite.

Rufus Pykett



Rufus is the youngest of the Pykett litter and (at time of writing) is only three months old. He's a very old, very angry man trapped in the body of, well, a three month old baby. When he was born, he screamed incessantly on arrival. He's extremely good a chuntering, he's bright and alert and he's also a stealer of sleep. 'All babies do that' I hear you say. Well, no, actually. Una (middle child) had settled quite happily into a routine from a matter of weeks old and she is definitely a new soul. Rufus is as old as time itself.