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How To Get a Good to Outstanding Observation

Published on 25th September 2017

How to get a good to outstanding observation

To teach is to inspire, to excite and inevitably, to learn. It's is also an extremely rewarding vocation, that is if you enjoy it, and if you're good at it. If you're in it for the money, you're in the wrong job. Teachers often go above and beyond to ensure that both their students, and their own professional development needs are being met which often ends in several evenings a week...

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Using a Virtual Learning Environment

Published on 21st September 2017

Using a Virtual Learning Environment in the Classroom

Using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) within the classroom arena has many advantages but it is beset with potential issues. It needs to tick many boxes in terms of compatibility and being responsive, especially now, as in excess of 75% of internet traffic comes from mobile and hand held devices; all of which possess a vast array of operating systems, browsers and screen...

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