Teacher, techie, daddy, nerd.

Often all at the same time.

Being hugely passionate about your work inevitably makes you very proud of what you have achieved.

Having developed my own style (as a mostly good and occasionally outstanding practitioner),I have taken care to hone my skills as a teacher over several years, delivering Computer Science and Information technology to the FE and Compulsory education sectors.

I use my own skills & bespoke resources to harness the mind by cultivating a greater sense of self-awareness and presence in my learners.

I embraced technology from a very early age and have adapted to innovation and progress.

The impact of the revolution of the Internet and the growing use of the smart phone that we have seen in recent years, was something that I familiarised myself with.

As the changes took place, I used this knowledge to my students’ advantage and to enhance my own social and professional awareness.